Our Story

Mr. Juan Acosta Travieso
(Founder & President )

Independent, established, multi-disciplinar, bilingual, efficient, etc. There are a lot ways to describe our company but it all sums up in best results for the clients.

Acosta & Co was born more than thirty years ago, around the 80's by Mr. Juan Acosta Travieso. After many years working for different types of vessels all around the world as motor man, he decided to disembark and establish a family at his native place Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Under the name Juan Acosta Reparaciones Navales (translated: Juan Acosta Ship Repairs) and with his many years of experience he planted the seed of today's company.

At the beginning we specialized in ship repairs. These repairs consisted in cleaning and polishing of propellers, metalic structure repairs, etc. Over time and with the importance that tomatoe exports started to gain at northern european ports, we started to supply other services like the lashing and unlashing of cargo. This job was of vital importance because it prevented the cargo beeing damaged from bad weather during the trip.

Meanwhile, the Canary Islands started to become a very important tourist atraction for the rest of european countries. Thanks to this, cruise vessels started to arrive to do turnaround operations or just for a day at the port. With the arrival of these vessels we started suppliying other types of services and years later we became an internationally known reference to the industry.

Mission & Values

We were born with the idea that the client-business relationship is the most important bond from which we work hard every day not to break or weaken, keeping always the intention of offering the most professional and complete service, helping labor integration.

Forty years supplying services at the Tenerife port pushes us to be leaders in the service industry creating an illusion which keeps us in a continuous growth.

Our essential values are:

Self-improvement spirit
Responsable loyalty to clients and colleagues from the company
Opennes of the information disclosed which is always truthfull, mathed and fit for purpose

Corporate Social Responsability

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Acosta & Co explores ways of making a contribution to those in need in the local communities in the areas where are our offices are located.

Each year we identify causes in our local communities with which we feel we can make a significant contribution either with time, money or equipment and then we allocate an appropriate budget in order to achieve our objectives.

Health & Safety

Acosta & Co has taken on board the points regularly raised in our client's health and safety questionnaires and adapted them to ensure that due diligence is applied in selecting our suppliers to ensure that each of them meets all of the relevant health and safety regulations and that they are "fit for purpose".

Green Issues

Acosta & Co is aware that it's clients, when planning services, are looking to make their programmes as sustainable as possible and that implies all of the elements involved in the operation of a service. Within each Acosta & Co department, recycling and energy saving policies have been introduced.

Emphasis is now being given to develop green activity programmes to offer to clients in the near future. We are also actively encouraging our suppliers to make their own operations as green as possible.

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